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Lecturer`s Manual with support set

The Manual is primarily intended as an introduction to some of the emerging CSR tools and approaches which are currently being updated. It will provide a useful starting point for accessing the many CSR concepts currently available in the market place. Lecturers on various economy topics who are interested in implementing a CSR approach will use this manual as a point of departure for CSR design and implementation. The manual will review some key issues to consider, will offer options for addressing them and refers to many specific tools that could be of most assistance. Actual implementation of any specific CSR activities will almost certainly involve the use of one or more of the tools referenced in this manual. The purpose is to provide a framework for helping lecturers to navigate across the wide spectrum of existing CSR instruments. Lecturers will use this manual considering CSR to be only one aspect of a comprehensive multi-stakeholder effort to improve environmental and social conditions and prevent harm.