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CSRI4.0 Competence Framework with Curriculum

The analysis of innovations in the EU and EU recommendations in the field of CSR and legislation in this sector includes the analysis of good practice examples in the field of CSR in partner countries, a sort interpretation of EU legislation and its implementation in partner countries. The results of this analysis will enable creation of Competence Framework. The framework seeks to embed a set of characteristics into the education, training and development of future company managers and economists in the reality of the Industry 4.0 era. This will be a tool to direct performance in business functions towards exercising and measuring of social impact by the companies. The framework is to develop a manager competence
that express the importance of CSR and that through this, CSR to becomes a valuable currency that can be used by all in day-to-day management. The Competency Framework will address the needs of proper understanding of the influence of the new technologies introduced by the Industry 4.0 over the social processes. It will help future top managers as well as functional managers who will have responsibility for CSR issues, to adapt strategies of their companies for CSR in order to address the implications of the Industry 4.0. The analysis will be used in the preparation of curriculum and training programs.
The curriculum will be grounded in practice and applicability. Participatory in nature and designed for students in economy specialties, the curriculum will explore the scope and complexity of CSR under the conditions of the Industry 4.0, including its evolution, current trends, and key components, while also delving into professionals challenges, ethical considerations, measurement and evaluation models, matching business cases, etc.